The 360



There is a step missing between getting cleared from the OB at 6/8 weeks and starting a workout routine to start to feel better.  

You are different.  

Your body is changed.  

And its AMAZING!

There is so much we aren't told about pregnancy and postpartum & what actually happens to our bodies.  So much focus is on the baby, with little focus on the superhuman who just created that life (unfortunately).  This is my why. You need to focus on yourself.  You need to rehab back from the trauma of pregnancy and delivery so that you can properly and safely get back to athleticism... whether that's playing with your kids, running marathons, or participating in fitness classes.  


Learn about how to retrain your brain/body to move well.  Breathing, posture, alignment, stability, core strength, pelvic floor involvement, breath with movement, overall strength, and corrective exercises to pelvic floor dysfunction are what will be covered in the learning phase.  We have amazing partners in Maternal Mental Health and Women's Health/Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy that aid in the guidance and support in these areas. 

Knowledge is power!  Actually learn about how YOU are doing postpartum and what you need to be doing personally to heal, rebuild, and regain strength.

Q & A

This is a safe space to discuss and ask questions pertaining to your body and pregnancy/postpartum in general.  Nothing is off limits and NOTHING is weird or odd.  We are all in this together and you deserve answers and understanding.  


Put what you learn into practice.  You will get instruction and plans for how to work on the rebuild process.  You also will receive 3 weeks of practice on a FREE app that I create for you.  Focused practice is what will get you where you want to be faster.  

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Community Workshops

Project Lean Nation

2210 Hawkins St.

January 19th, 2020


Join us for a 360 Workshop for pregnant/postpartum moms wanting to learn about her changed body, receive tips for maintaining and regaining core strength and stability, learn cues for proper movement, discuss possible dysfunctions, and much more!

*This workshop is FREE to all!

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Trainer Training- P/PP

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