WHERE CAN YOU FIND STRONG(her) 360 in Charlotte?

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STRONG(her) 360

The Five-Week Program 

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Air Charlotte

Wednesdays at 9:30am

Jan. 8th- Feb. 5th 


Hygge (West)

Saturdays at 10:00am

February 1st- Feb 29th

The STRONG(her) 360 program is designed to help moms in all stages of motherhood- Pregnant and/or Postpartum- properly & safely heal, maintain, & regain strength in order to feel stable, strong, healthy, and confident.  There is so much that happens to a woman's body (mentally, physically, & emotionally) during pregnancy, delivery, and postpartum that NEEDS specific training and intentional practice in order to move better, rebuild core muscles, and feel whole again.

Allow STRONG(her) 360 to run alongside your current workouts and daily activities, and learn what you need to specifically be working on while you continue working towards your goals. 

We are here to help, encourage, and educate you about YOUR body and the stage you're in.

Awareness is KEY!  Your knowledge about how your body is moving and working is huge.  Let us give you that power.

Join us!