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Jamie Eastley 

Founder and owner of STRONG(her) 360, she has discovered a passion for helping and supporting Moms through the transition of pregnancy and postpartum, mentally, physically, and emotionally

Jamie is a certified Pregnancy & Postpartum Athleticism Coach, ACE Personal Trainer, Special Education Teacher & Mom of 2. She has built a program with a team of professionals to help moms in all areas (mentally physically, emotionally) feel stronger and like themselves again.


She believes that moms need and deserve more support postpartum with how to rebuild the core, learn how to move well again with a new body, focus on healing any dysfunction, and get back to feeling strong and confident again. Whether you're a competitive athlete, gym goer or runner, or a mom wanting to keep up with the kids... this program is for you.  


Safe.  Effective. Needed.  


Annie Henry

Annie is a doctor of Physical Therapy and has several years of experience working in orthopedics and sports, as well as recently starting a women’s health PT program at her current practice. Annie works with a wide variety of pelvic floor dysfunctions, and has a passion for helping women “connect the dots” in the role of their pelvic health in overall wellness. 



Annie is also a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and teaches Primal Fight at Bloc. She enjoys bringing physical therapy, women’s health, and fitness full circle: emphasizing proper movement strategies, promoting strength and stability in all the right places, keeping fitness pain free and effective. 







Kerry McLaughlin

Upon finishing her collegiate swimming career at Clemson University and her DPT at Duke, Kerry was determined to create a niche for herself where she could combine her passions for health, wellness, and athletics within the DPT and fitness worlds. Her job at a private outpatient sports clinic provided her the opportunity to build a female athlete wellness program. She quickly began to see the missing link within the physical therapy world was within the pre and post partum population.

Over the past 4 years she has networked with several OB-GYN practitioners within the Charlotte, UNC, and Duke systems, and hosted seminars and Q&As at local studios to spread knowledge and awareness to women in the community regarding the importance and benefits of pelvic floor rehab in ALL phases of life.


Currently she works as a DPT at an outpatient Novant clinic where her patient population includes a variety females ranging from 14 year old soccer players, 30 year old antepartum marathoners, 40 year old post-partum busy moms, 60 year old post-mastectomy cancer survivors, to 80 year old women involved in silver sneakers.  Kerry is ready to continue educating women and helping all women feel strong, confident, and at ease. 



Lauren Vollentine


Lauren is a Registered Nurse (BSN) with 4 years experience working bedside in the NICU caring for the family unit as a whole. Through personal experience and her time with NICU mothers she found her passion in maternal mental health. 


With a drive to break the stigma, encourage self care, and bring awareness to PPD, mood and anxiety disorders she began training through Postpartum Support International. She is pending certification in PSI’s Certification in Perinatal Mental Health & is certified in Mental Health First Aid.



When she’s not caring for babies & Moms, you can find her coaching at Tread Happy. She currently working towards a certification as a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist. 


We can’t begin to explain the importance of the mental health side of postpartum. We are beyond grateful she wants to share her expertise and gifts with our STRONG(her) 360 Mamas. Once again, making this program about the WHOLE woman🧡