Pregnancy and postpartum athleticism

Learn about your changed body & how to properly regain core strength, begin to heal dysfunctions, and create a solid foundation to build upon safely.

What is

STRONG(her) 360?

STRONG(her) 360 is a program/workshop that educates women on how to regain strength and stability throughout her pregnancy and postpartum.  There are so many changes that occur in a woman's body through pregnancy, delivery, and postpartum that is not talked about nor is there much support & guidance.  



It is so important to intentionally and properly rebuild the core postpartum prior to exercise and it's just as important to rebuild for everyday life and functionality as a mom on the go.  Not only is this a physical rebuild where we focus on alignment, posture, core stability & strength, overall strength, and dysfunction/compensation patterns that were picked up along the way, but it focuses on the WHOLE you... mentally, physically, and emotionally.   A 360 degree approach.


We want you to take time for yourself and realize the importance of self-care. Taking the time to do this now, will help you move well, safely, and properly for years to come.  


Everyone's happy when Mamas happy! 

Take this time to focus on YOU!


You deserve it.  *Guilt-free*




The 7 "whys" behind 

STRONG(her) 360

Women aren't given guidance on how to properly heal and rebuild after baby.  There are certain things every mom postpartum should be doing and no one is informing them.


YOU HAVE TO BE AT THE TOP OF THE LIST.  We've all heard the saying; "you can't pour from an empty cup," well this is 100% true for motherhood. Take care of you first!!


Any injured or traumatized muscle requires rehab and a rebuild process.  This includes you core and pelvic floor!  Do the work now for a lifetime of injury free athleticism and badass mumming.


Spending some quality self care time can improve your mood, quality of life, and confidence.  You deserve to feel whole again.


It takes a village!  This program gives you a community of women going through many of the same things you are.  We are in it together and it sure is nice to be surrounded by women who "get it!"


It's amazing what we don't know about our bodies!  Spending time learning and talking about our changing bodies is HUGE in recovery. Knowledge truly is power.


There is no better feeling that finally feeling stronger and whole again. This is the main goal of STRONG(her) 360.  You will be stronger, happier, and informed!



Knowledge truly is power.  Learn about what happens to your body during pregnancy and understand your own postpartum recovery journey.


Be guided through correct posture,  alignment, and 

breathing to ensure strong and safe movement in every day life.


Use the guidance from learn & practice to move safely through functional movement and weighted exercise. 

App workouts

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